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Gas Station Appraisals

Collins and Associates provides dependable and accurate valuations for commercial properties in Anaheim, California, and beyond. Principal David R. Collins is a licensed Certified General Appraiser (G.A.A., S.C.R.E.A.) with over 50 years of experience. We provide commercial gas station appraisals with the type of reliable values that banks and major lending institutions require for loans. 562.694.4920 – Call for more information and FREE CONSULTATION

Appraisal Valuations

Appraisal valuations are estimates of the economic value of an owner’s interest in a property, such as gas stations. Valuations are often used to resolve disputes related to estate and gift taxation, shareholder disputes, divorce litigation, and to make other business decisions that require knowing the value of certain property assets.

Gas Stations near Anaheim, CA

Mobile, Standard, Shell, Chevron, 76, Texaco, etc.

Valuation Standards

Market Value – a value of Real Estate determined between a willing buyer and a
willing seller both in full knowledge of all the relevant facts.
Investment Value – a value of Real Estate has to a particular investor.
Intrinsic Value – the measure of Real Estate value that reflects the investor’s in-depth understanding of the company’s economic potential. Appraisal valuation results can vary considerably depending upon overall goals. In an actual sale, it would be expected that the buyer and seller, each with an incentive to achieve an optimal outcome, would determine the market value of a property that would compete in the market for such an acquisition. If the synergies are specific to the value, they may not be considered. Market value also does not incorporate discounts for lack of control or marketability.